Kandee G

Kandee G

Kandee G: Creator of The Vision Program, Author, Speaker, Radio Personality, Magazine Editor, Thought Transformation Coach

Kandee G is an international leader in corporate and personal development and the founder of Kandee G Enterprises, Inc, the originator of The Vision Program. She is also the author of NOW BOARDING, Next Stop Your Remarkable Life. Kandee G Enterprises specializes in developing sustainable long-term visions to transform companies through organizational change from the inside out yielding extraordinary results.

Les Brown, the world's leading motivational speaker says that, "Kandee G has been gifted with the ability to help people and is recognized as being among the top in the industry." She is one of the most sought after trainers in thought transformation, collective visioning and creative leadership and is one of the early champions of shifting from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age, which calls for corporations to encompass innovative and creative approaches to leadership.

Kandee G has taught thousands of people The Vision Program which consistently produces extraordinary results by creating a foundation for high achievement and meaningful work. One of our CEO clients said, "Every day that you're not doing The Vision Program, I promise you, it's costing money."

Action drives results and Kandee G is passionate about teaching and modeling her proven principles for experiencing enduring success in a changing world. Her book, NOW BOARDING, Next Stop Your Remarkable Life, illustrates how an incredible life is available to all of us and provides tools for discovering the roadmap to personal prosperity. Her "peanut butter" to "private jet" story has become the hallmark of her accomplishments as she shares her own personal triumph from poverty to privilege.

Kandee G's Nothing But Good News Magazine delivers messages for experiencing abundance and happiness. The insights that are gleaned from successful entrepreneurs and changemakers provide a foundation for thought transformation and personal inspiration.

Kandee G continues to create. She has a real passion for horses, natural horsemanship and equine-assisted work. Natural horsemanship teaches you how to work with and train your horse utilizing the philosophy of working with them based on the horse's natural instincts and method of communication. Equine assisted work uses the horses and their natural herd behaviors to teach people in a way that they cannot learn in any other form training. She has now built a facility in Florida to bring her Vision Program, Equine Assisted Coaching and learning along with Natural Horsemanship together. In a safe, simple way, they teach us the extraordinary power of Vision.